360° Fulldome


Hochschule Darmstadt:

Lehrbeauftragte für Studierende der Module „Advanced Event and Display Technologies“ sowie „Emerging Technologies“  im Fachbereich Medien, im Rahmen des Studiengangs „International Media Cultural Work“ der Hochschule Darmstadt (seit 2017)
Enge Kooperation mit dem Soundscape & Environmental Media Lab.

Bauhaus Universität Weimar:

Lehrbeauftragte im Fachbereich „Immersive Medien“  der Fakultät „Kunst und Gestaltung“ im Rahmen des Studiengangs „Media Art and Design“ (seit 2016, seit 2014 Tutorin)
Enge Kooperation mit dem Planetarium Jena.


Visual Media in 360° becomes more and more popular and can be viewed on smartphones, in browsers, with VR-Glasses or in Fulldomes. In Fulldome events, the audience sits together right inside of the creation, as the projections can be seen all around them and above their heads. These immersive environments are provided by using a hemispherical projection screen – a dome. Surrounding videos can also be viewed by single persons at home in 360° in browsers, on smartphones or VR-Glasses.

This course is about how to make videos for Fulldome: How to modify storytelling, dramaturgy, framing and which technical settings have to be considered during the production process. Therefore we will first analyze existing Fulldome projects (with and without live acting or music) and 360°-works. Then this class will focus mainly on experimental work to create visual 360° content. This can be combined with 3D Audio or with a concept for live performance or live music.

There will be an introduction into the editing software Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere and into the Insta360Pro camera. Experimental approaches with other techniques (like e.g. 3D animation, creative coding, stop motion…) are also very welcome. 

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